How to create a post ?

Creating a post on Gyanva requires Gyanva account which can be created by filling the signup form. Yes, it is true that we pay for your knowledge but there are some guidelines that you must follow to create an impressive and approvable post.

Before, learning the ways of making an impressive post. Let's see how a post is created on Gyanva.

  • Login to Gyanva writer's portal.

    Gyanva writer's portal is located at writer.gyanva.com.

  • Select "Create Post" - Posts > Create Post

    On the left side of the dashboard in the navigation bar, you need to select the "Create post" option under the "Posts" section.

  • Category of post and meta tags.

    These fields are located at the top of page. There are 4 fields : -

    1. Category
    2. Subcategory
    3. Keywords
    4. Description

    You have to select the category and subcategory of the post and the remaining two fields are explained below.

    Keywords : These are the text phrases which are used by search engines to search the page on internet. These should be relevant to your post.

    For example if your article is about "Light" and it is a science article then the keywords field will look like "light,what is light,photons".

    Description : This is the small description about your post.

    For example if your article is about "Light" and it is a science article then the description field will look like "Sun is the main source of light on earth, have you ever thought any scienific logic in it ?".

  • Youtube video and Headline.

    These fields are the face of your post : -

    1. Youtube Embed code
    2. Headline

    Youtube Embed Code : If you have any Youtube Channel or you like any Youtube video related to your post. You can embed that video directly here on your Gyanva post.

    Headline : This is the heading of your post.

    For example if your article is about "Light" and it is a science article then the Headline field will look like "Light".

  • Main Content of the post

    The main content of the post is divided into some parts like Introduction, Description, Example etc : -

    + Add Content Container : you need to click this button and a pop up will appear asking you the type of content you are about to write.Example Introduction, Description, Example etc.

    After selecting the content type a textbox will appear where you have to write your main content in simple HTML. The details about writing post in HTML are described in here.

    Content should be without the use of any javascript or external CSS files. The use of iframes is also not allowed. Before going Live Your post will be reviewed by our team.

    Once saved the post's preview will look like this. After completing the post click on "Publish" to submit it for approval. You can edit your post even in approval queue once approved you will not be able to edit your post.