How your earnings are calculated ?

Gyanva pays you money when your post gets approved on Gyanva. This payment is credited in your Gyanva wallet. We have an algorithem to calculate the amount to be paid on the approval of your post. Calculations are done on the bases of minimum and maximum threshold amount which is explained below.

  • Threshold amounts.

    We have set 2 threshold amounts.

    1. Minimum Amount : This is the minimum amount that you will get for the approved post.
    2. Maximum Amount : This is the maximum amount that you will get for the approved post.

    These both amounts are displayed on your writer's portal dashboard.

  • Raise your threshold values

    Post Approval Bonus = Minimum Threshold + Views Bonus

    We have set some default threshold values. For example minimum is INR 40 and maximum is INR 65. In order to raise the values a threshold value of views has been set to 500. Once your total views in last 30 days reach the 500 you will start getting increased amount for your posts.

    Now, your views are 1500 the views bonus you will get on approved post will also gets multiplied by 3. Now the stage will come when your post approval bonus will increase the maximum threshold. This is the stage when your threshold values will get raised.